December 11th, 2016


Китайцы вообще молодцы...

Оригинал взят у shoehanger в Война технологий

Китайцы активно строят корабли комплексного снабжения

на рисунке сравнение китайца с американским аналогом

Эти корабли пригодятся для океанского, в особенности авиносного, флота НОАК.


бортовые пусковые ЭМ УРО Зумвальт

Эти фишки китайцы пока с американцев не копируют. Станет ли Зумвалт Дредноутом? ) Есть одна причина ответить нет: для всех кроме американцев он слишком дорогой.

в технологиях

The railings, at least on the flight deck, actually pop up and down via an electtonic switch. I've seen them when I visited the ship.

и трудоёмкий

...a few weeks before the contract negotiations began, I received an urgent call from Keith Beswick, head of our flight test operation out at the secret base [Area 51].
"Ben [Rich, head of Lockheed's Skunk Works]," he exclaimed, "we've lost our stealth." He explained that Ken Dyson had flown that morning in Have Blue against the radar range and was lit like a goddam Christmas tree. "They saw him coming from fifty miles."

Actually, Keith and I figured out what the problem was. Those stealth airplanes demanded absolutely smooth surfaces to remain invisible...About an hour after the first phone call, Keith phoned again. Problem solved. The heads of three screws were not quite tight and extended above the surface by less than an eighth of an inch. On radar they appeared as big as a barn door!

So the lesson was clear: building stealth would require a level of care and perfection unprecedented in aerospace.